New Apple TV 2017

Apple puts today to the sale the new version of the device, that includes the option of use the voice to control the TV. Today it is possible to buy the new Apple TV through the web and the Apple Store for the company. The device, in his presentation of 32 gigabytes has a price of 179 euros; the version of 64 gigabytes goes to vente la 229 euros.

For years it was rumored that Apple was developing a device for changing the way in which we use television, a product that would go far beyond the Apple TV, Steve Jobs presented in 2006. Apple TV is capable of load applications as the iPhone or the iPad, understands commands of voice thanks to the Assistant of voice Siri and has with a remote control to distance that, among other things, allows use it with video games.

Equipped with the same processor as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it seems that Apple TV ande scarce resources to charge more or less demanding applications through your operating system TVos, an adapted version of iOS. Your hardware has two gigabytes of memory and you are allowed to load games with a level of quality similar or identical to the iPhone 8.

In fact, games are among the most important applications of this device. In the Conference of presentation of the product, two of the four companies invited to show applications have presented games. Siri Remote Remote control, equipped with a touch surface, an accelerometer and a gyroscope quite reminiscent of the Nintendo Wii remote. Even with a belt to avoid leaving flying to play with him.

Nintendo is, in fact, one of the companies that may most fear the public response to the new Apple device. The Wii casual players can feel seduced by the new Apple TV, which is even compatible with the controls of the games available for the iPhone and iPad.

Apple TV Tutorial

Apple TV connects to your TV via an HDMI cable and its configuration is very simple: the only requirement is that you are connected to the Internet and are available with an account on iTunes. These data can be entered manually, but iPad or iPhone users have it easy: it can automatically synchronize with the same Apple ID and bring together them with only wifi network key. From then on, it is possible to enjoy the coming from Apple, mobile devices, or applications store content.

The head of the capabilities of the team is tvOS, the operating system that incorporates the new Apple TV. It is based on iOS, so both its interface and its use are fully known for Apple users. Their adaptation to this support also is an advantage for developers, who have facility to create or adapt the applications developed for other signature devices. Read more Apple TV tutorial.

iPhone 8 Manual And Guide

iPhone 8 is the generation of iPhone iOS 12 waiting for 2018. The mystery about functionality and hardware features, but one thing seems for the time being established. It's highly likely that Apple will decide to switch weapons and luggage to new OLED displays, which is a nice and good news for Apple: beyond the best technical features, in fact, the production of these panels will be entrusted largely to archrival Samsung, the only one able to build in quantity and with the necessary reliability. Apple introduced just for a couple of months the new generation of smartphones, the iPhone family 7, and it would seem prepared now to re-launch several sets of devices in the great family of the Mac. However do not end ever talk about the future of the iPhone and, from time to time, keep emerging rumors about the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Manual

In this case the warhead Nikkei Asian Review to put new flesh on fire with regard to the characteristics of the next flagship Apple, stating that might be coming in three variants. You have already heard, recently, as the Cupertino company could introduce several innovations in design with iPhone 8, as a change in the materials used for the cover. Besides to have glass roofs, the new iPhone may be in three with a 5-inch diagonal model like new-entry. If iPhone 7 sales fall,Apple will hardly physiological, things could change significantly with iPhone 8. All rumors and analysts agree that the iPhone's revolutionary will be 2017, and that is why they also expect a boom in sales. For you who want to know more about this smartphone, you can check the iPhone 8 Manual here:

The next version of iPhone could have a Touch ID sensor integrated directly into the display, able to read prints regardless of the point at which place the finger. The latest rumors about iPhone 8 do not concern its price, but the Visual characteristics of the new flagship Apple of 2017. The rumors speak of a patent filed by Cupertino which show that the iPhone 8 might have a folding screen. This is obviously just a hypothesis, but many believe it is plausible that the iPhone 8 will have OLED or AMOLED edge-to-edge that will fold like a book. On nationality, the iPhone 8 will be much lighter and ultra resistant than the iPhone that preceded it.

The Galaxy S8 Will Be 90 Percent OLED Display

Samsung will place a screen OLED at the Galaxy S8 and bezels will be minimal. In coming years, the radio display is expected to be 99 percent. The report cites an involved in the development of the S8 Galaxy, Samsung engineer who said that Samsung Display is working on a screen "full-screen" with a radius of the screen of nearly 90 percent. Currently, the phones have a screen of around 80 percent.

The same aforementioned engineer said that Samsung expects to reach a radius of the screen of 99 per cent within the next few years, this means that Samsung wants to eliminate almost all traces of the bevel on the front of your devices.

You have no bevels seems to be a very important feature for next-generation phones. It says Samsung and Apple set to launch phones with this feature in 2017 and Xiaomi already presented my Mix, a phone with a screen of 91.3 percent range.

Another employee of Samsung that remains anonymous said that the South Korean manufacturer also works in a flexible or folding device to view virtual reality contents. The device should display OLED and could bend to fully cover the user's eyes.

It is rumored that the Galaxy S8 is announced in the first quarter of 2017, with a redesign, without the front button, dual camera on the back with a virtual assistant, developed by Samsung to compete with Google Now and Siri's Apple.

Samsung wants to turn the page as soon as possible. The fiasco of the Note 7, withdrawn from the market because of a problem in batteries that made the terminals burn, has forced the company to work hard. Both that there new project: the Samsung Galaxy S8.

What will be the new flagship of the company in 2017, already focuses all efforts of Samsung? The objective is to recover lost ground in recent months, and more against Apple and its iPhone 7. To this end, Lee Kyeong-tae, Vice President of Samsung mobile division, has revealed already some keys that will have the new terminal: new much thinner design, improved cameras, and artificial intelligence.

Nintendo NX / Nintendo Switch News

Update: Finally, Nintendo use switch for their new console that released in March, 2017. You can read more about Nintendo Switch Guide.

Nintendo NX as announced in April 2016 is going to be launce globally in March 2017. By this expected date, people are keeping so many expectations for the new Nintendo. Rumors and every leak about it becomes so famous easily and rapidly. Why not, public who are in their curiosity would welcome with enthusiasm anything related with it. they need to know about how the upcoming Nintendo NX looks like, what will it bring with, what will they get from it, and many other expectations. Here, we have collected some popular news about the upcoming Nintendo NX. Hopefully what we share here is quite helpful for the reader to get relief.

The first great news is about a portable console with detachable controllers. Nintendo has to be aware about the competition among several big competitors like Sony and Microsoft. They are all working on how to be the best of all in gaming console. Nintendo can’t close their eyes from this. That’s why if the upcoming Nintendo NX will have a portable console with detachable controllers, it would be a strength point for Nintendo. Portable console will make it easier for the users to play it everywhere, killing the time and hanging out with friends. There’s no need to stay in one place to play any game.

Nintendo NX wants to be as successful as Pokemon Go

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said “As you can imagine, we are energized by the success of Pokemon Go. We have tremendously strong brands that are unbelievably social in nature where we believe that participation at the community level through AR will heighten that experience”. As we all know that the world community is now being lulled by Pokemon Go. That’s why he said that they have been working on some things for some time and will continue to work on those, and they will be ready to launch them at a time where they think they can better engage communities through AR.

Nintendo NX games

Actually there’s no official news about what games will be in Nintendo NX, but there are four confirmed games, those are The Legend of Zelda, Breath of The Wild, Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XI, and a new Just Dance. We have no indication about the title of the other games. Well, the only thing we can do is just wait until Nintendo and its involved parties leak some information about that.

How to Use Apple Siri Tutorial

Speaking of the innovation given by Apple, it seems like there is nothing need to be doubt since there are huge creativity, as well as innovation, in each product manufactured by Apple. Not to mention about the Apple iPhone 7 which is going to be well-known in the middle of society, there is another gorgeous application offered by Apple, special given for the loyal consumer, comes with the name of Apple Siri. There are huge advantages given by Apple Siri, such as help the user to arrange the agenda, control the newest Apple Music released, as well as get directions and maps. Thus, with the huge capability of Siri, there is no need worries whenever you are about to operate the Siri as long as you have already read the Apple Siri tutorial below.

There are several separation of Apple Siri tutorial depends on the way you would like to operate this programs. Here, you are about to know how to control Apple Music, how to get direction and maps, and tweet or post to Facebook and twitter with Siri.

Control the Apple Music with Siri. As if you are loyal consumer of Apple, it would be possible that you are always waiting for the new release album or song given by Apple Music. Thus, in order to get the arrangement in ease, you can get enough opportunity to play, skip, shuffle, and also dismiss the specific tracks with Siri. Thus, Siri is going to allow you to explore music in every way you would like to.

Get Direction and Maps. Well, what if once you are lost in the middle of nowhere and the only thing you think about is using Siri to help you? Do not worry, since Siri can give you specific direction from driving, walking, and also using public transportation, wherever you are at. Displayed in 3D, the map turn out the result in such very pretty looking map.

Tweet or Post to Facebook and Twitter. Being integrated in tight, both with Twitter and Facebook, you are able to post or tweet into you own account in ease with Siri. You only need to say everything you would like to, dictate the message into Siri, and then Siri will send the message into your account, right away.

As conclusion, actually the best Apple Siri tutorial is given by yourself, with trial and error temptation in order to get the groove with Apple Siri.

Apple Pencil Problem to be solved

How great technology you are using at, there is no prove that you will always get enough satisfaction while using the device. It is also related with the incredibly-works done by Apple Pencil which is known as additional device for writing, drawing, and another perfectly-fine job being paired with the iPad Pro 9.7- and 12.9-inch. However, of course, the Apple Pencil might become problem once, twice, or more, yet the Apple Pencil problem becomes one of the issues which is rarely being blown up since there are not a lot of people gone through it. So, as if you are more concern about the problematic issues given by Apple, just go ahead on this passage and get your solution works well.

However, as if you Apple Pencil just not working as you wish, it does not mean that it can be included into the Apple Pencil problem since there are a lot of issues you need to make sure, at first. Thus, here are four common problem which often appear whenever you use the Apple Pencil, along with the way to fix them up.

  • The first complain whenever people are on their first time to use the Apple Pencil is about their device might not work well, unfortunately, never worked. As if this happen to you, too, you have to make sure the connection in between the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro works well. It means, you have to know whether your device is being paired or not.
  • What if the Apple Pencil stopped working immediately while you are doing your job, which is means, your Apple Pencil would not get knocked out for another reason? Well, it is the simple one since you only need to tighten the tip of the stylus.
  • What if you cannot know the battery left on the Apple Pencil? Well, just unlock the iPad and swipe down to the tip of the screen where you can find battery-icon would appear on there.
  • If your Apple Pencil starts to delay whenever you write on the iPad Pro screen, it is usual thing which you can find ever since the tip is engineered with the slowly-degraded tips over time, as well as longer time to use the device, you would not find it is still comfortable anymore.

After all, it may be common to find Apple Pencil problem whenever you are working on it. Yet, as long as you can find the way to fix them up, there is no more thing need to be worried, right?