7 Features S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In addition to the big screen, the main selling point of the Note series from Samsung is a stylus/pen that is called S Pen. It's probably not the Note series name if it not equipped with S Pen.

Samsung also continues to improve the ability of S Pen, and the latest pen Galaxy Note 8 has a smaller eye that is 0.7 mm, and the sensitivity also increased to 4096 levels of pressure.

Allows you to draw and write with precise accuracy and feel as natural as on paper. Furthermore, here's how the S Pen works and the sophisticated features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S Pen.

Features S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 8

S Pen continues to experience improvement and refinement of features in each version of Samsung Galaxy Note issued. No exception to S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

With S Pen, what can do on the Galaxy Note 8? Here are 7 features S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

  • Air Command: A menu will appear automatically when you remove S Pen from its place.
  • Translate and Convert: Allows you to translate text or photos more quickly. Not just words, but whole sentences in 71 languages.
  • Smart Select: You can crop parts of an image with good accuracy or select parts of a video that can instantly convert into a GIF format that can be shared to social media.
  • Live Message: You can send messages, either in the form of posts or images, which will turn into moving images when sent.
  • Magnify: You can enlarge the text or images that are in the article or document easily.
  • Screen off memos: Allows you to take notes on the locked screen, even without opening the screen.
  • Coloring: S Pen is not only limited for use in Samsung applications. You can use other applications to draw and color. Examples of applications that support S Pen are Adobe Illustrator Draw.

How it Works Series S Pen Galaxy Note

Unlike the stylus on other smartphones that only serve as a replacement finger, S Pen has a myriad of advanced features and become a tool of creativity.S Pen functions as a pen, with a pointed tip and has a pressure sensor like a pen in general for writing and drawing.

Interestingly even though the S Pen has pressure sensors and advanced settings, these pens do not require batteries. Then, how does S Pen work?

The secret is in these two main sections. First, at the bottom of the Galaxy Note screen, there is a unique grid metal layer called the digitizer. This segment that produces electromagnetic to interact with S-pen. Meanwhile, the second part is S Pen itself.

This metal digitizer layer will recognize the touch of S Pen when held close to the screen and provide a series of commands to do something that users want.Then, electromagnetic induction of this unique metal coating also turns out to provide power which is then stored by the S-pen.

Configuration Settings for a Vizio TV

Vices High definition TV manufacturers and other electronic devices. Even a TV vice has configuration settings which can be accessed via the remote control included with the TV. You can take advantage of these settings for TV channels application, select video input devices, check the image quality and correct the graphics to match the aspect ratio of a Vizio TV.

Initial setup

Before using a TV flaw, you'll need to finish a first setup menu which is likely to be displayed when the TV is switched to the very first time. Use the handy remote control to choose the menu language, then pick the ' Beginner ' setting and select whether you're currently using cable or antenna to get TV stations. Connect cable TV receivers or digital antennas before turning on the TV and begin this practice, which will locate and app available channels.

Video apparatus

For quality, it's advised to utilize HDMI sound and video cables, if appropriate. Once a device is attached to some TV vice, you also can select that device by pressing on the ' Input ' button on the remote control. A side menu will appear on the TV screen to pick the input channel. You may apply names for each input channel for remember where the devices are connected to the HDTV. Press the ' Menu ' button and choose ' Input Naming ' to get into this particular function.

Image controls

Vizio TV additionally has photo get a handle on advanced settings for alteration and improving the appearance of video playback, including color temperature, noise reduction, and a backlight controller. You will find these settings by pressing the ' Menu ' button on the remote controller notification and selecting the ' Advanced Video ' option with the selection buttons on the remote controller.

Adjusting HDTV picture

HDTV broadcasts are from the 16 x 9 aspect ratio, which delivers a cinematic widescreen image. But definition TV broadcasts are shipped to adapt the exact square aspect ratio of TVs. Standard definition Cabinets will display ' pillar-boxed ' on a TV vice. When watching TV broadcasts of 4 x 3, you also can crop or extend the image to fit the full screen of the TV neither by pressing the ' Menu ' button on the remote control and also select the ' Photo ' settings.

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