The Galaxy S8 Will Be 90 Percent OLED Display

Samsung will place a screen OLED at the Galaxy S8 and bezels will be minimal. In coming years, the radio display is expected to be 99 percent. The report cites an involved in the development of the S8 Galaxy, Samsung engineer who said that Samsung Display is working on a screen "full-screen" with a radius of the screen of nearly 90 percent. Currently, the phones have a screen of around 80 percent.

The same aforementioned engineer said that Samsung expects to reach a radius of the screen of 99 per cent within the next few years, this means that Samsung wants to eliminate almost all traces of the bevel on the front of your devices.

You have no bevels seems to be a very important feature for next-generation phones. It says Samsung and Apple set to launch phones with this feature in 2017 and Xiaomi already presented my Mix, a phone with a screen of 91.3 percent range.

Another employee of Samsung that remains anonymous said that the South Korean manufacturer also works in a flexible or folding device to view virtual reality contents. The device should display OLED and could bend to fully cover the user's eyes.

It is rumored that the Galaxy S8 is announced in the first quarter of 2017, with a redesign, without the front button, dual camera on the back with a virtual assistant, developed by Samsung to compete with Google Now and Siri's Apple.

Samsung wants to turn the page as soon as possible. The fiasco of the Note 7, withdrawn from the market because of a problem in batteries that made the terminals burn, has forced the company to work hard. Both that there new project: the Samsung Galaxy S8.

What will be the new flagship of the company in 2017, already focuses all efforts of Samsung? The objective is to recover lost ground in recent months, and more against Apple and its iPhone 7. To this end, Lee Kyeong-tae, Vice President of Samsung mobile division, has revealed already some keys that will have the new terminal: new much thinner design, improved cameras, and artificial intelligence.