Nintendo NX / Nintendo Switch News

Update: Finally, Nintendo use switch for their new console that released in March, 2017. You can read more about Nintendo Switch Guide.

Nintendo NX as announced in April 2016 is going to be launce globally in March 2017. By this expected date, people are keeping so many expectations for the new Nintendo. Rumors and every leak about it becomes so famous easily and rapidly. Why not, public who are in their curiosity would welcome with enthusiasm anything related with it. they need to know about how the upcoming Nintendo NX looks like, what will it bring with, what will they get from it, and many other expectations. Here, we have collected some popular news about the upcoming Nintendo NX. Hopefully what we share here is quite helpful for the reader to get relief.

The first great news is about a portable console with detachable controllers. Nintendo has to be aware about the competition among several big competitors like Sony and Microsoft. They are all working on how to be the best of all in gaming console. Nintendo can’t close their eyes from this. That’s why if the upcoming Nintendo NX will have a portable console with detachable controllers, it would be a strength point for Nintendo. Portable console will make it easier for the users to play it everywhere, killing the time and hanging out with friends. There’s no need to stay in one place to play any game.

Nintendo NX wants to be as successful as Pokemon Go

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said “As you can imagine, we are energized by the success of Pokemon Go. We have tremendously strong brands that are unbelievably social in nature where we believe that participation at the community level through AR will heighten that experience”. As we all know that the world community is now being lulled by Pokemon Go. That’s why he said that they have been working on some things for some time and will continue to work on those, and they will be ready to launch them at a time where they think they can better engage communities through AR.

Nintendo NX games

Actually there’s no official news about what games will be in Nintendo NX, but there are four confirmed games, those are The Legend of Zelda, Breath of The Wild, Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XI, and a new Just Dance. We have no indication about the title of the other games. Well, the only thing we can do is just wait until Nintendo and its involved parties leak some information about that.