How to Use Apple Siri Tutorial

Speaking of the innovation given by Apple, it seems like there is nothing need to be doubt since there are huge creativity, as well as innovation, in each product manufactured by Apple. Not to mention about the Apple iPhone 7 which is going to be well-known in the middle of society, there is another gorgeous application offered by Apple, special given for the loyal consumer, comes with the name of Apple Siri. There are huge advantages given by Apple Siri, such as help the user to arrange the agenda, control the newest Apple Music released, as well as get directions and maps. Thus, with the huge capability of Siri, there is no need worries whenever you are about to operate the Siri as long as you have already read the Apple Siri tutorial below.

There are several separation of Apple Siri tutorial depends on the way you would like to operate this programs. Here, you are about to know how to control Apple Music, how to get direction and maps, and tweet or post to Facebook and twitter with Siri.

Control the Apple Music with Siri. As if you are loyal consumer of Apple, it would be possible that you are always waiting for the new release album or song given by Apple Music. Thus, in order to get the arrangement in ease, you can get enough opportunity to play, skip, shuffle, and also dismiss the specific tracks with Siri. Thus, Siri is going to allow you to explore music in every way you would like to.

Get Direction and Maps. Well, what if once you are lost in the middle of nowhere and the only thing you think about is using Siri to help you? Do not worry, since Siri can give you specific direction from driving, walking, and also using public transportation, wherever you are at. Displayed in 3D, the map turn out the result in such very pretty looking map.

Tweet or Post to Facebook and Twitter. Being integrated in tight, both with Twitter and Facebook, you are able to post or tweet into you own account in ease with Siri. You only need to say everything you would like to, dictate the message into Siri, and then Siri will send the message into your account, right away.

As conclusion, actually the best Apple Siri tutorial is given by yourself, with trial and error temptation in order to get the groove with Apple Siri.